Protection from spam and malware.

Antivirus software is used to prevent, detect and remove all forms of malicious software better known as malware. Malware includes but is not limited to viruses, worms, trojans, adware and spyware. NSK Inc ensures prevention and removal of malware in client servers and our Hosting solutions. We also assess susceptibility as part of our Securityanalysis and audit.

Antivirus employs several strategies to detect known and unknown forms of malware within your system. On their own, antivirus software is helpful in warding off any threats; however, without consistent monitoring and knowledgeable upkeep, antivirus is not effective enough when it comes to the security of your business. Some software can even impair performance by monopolizing resources and throwing up annoying, persistent prompts inexperienced users may have trouble understanding. NSK Inc will install only the most effective, updated antivirus software and maintain the software with the latest protection files. We also also review quarantine directories for effectiveness and accuracy in identification of malicious actions.

Spam Filtering

Wading through barrages of email spam can hinder your workplace productivity. Spam is constantly evolving finding new ways to get into your mail folder, and while most contain unwanted advertisement, the occasional malevolent file does affix itself. We can implement an effective antispam program to solve many of your email problems. Antispam uses various rule-based and methodical spam identification to consistently and accurately filter out spam and infected messages. Similar to antivirus, as more messages are identified as spam or malicious, the system builds a library of shared elements to establish a threshold. Messages that pass that threshold are considered spam and handled accordingly.