Case Study: Publication Ditches Tape and Installs Pavis to Eliminate Downtime

JBJS LogoMady Tissenbaum, the Associate Publisher and General Manager of  The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Inc.,  knows the importance of employee productivity and zero downtime.  The century-old Massachusetts-based journal, which is published twice a month, is a leading publication for orthopedic surgeons and patients, read by more than 40,000 subscribers.  The Journal used tape as the backup and recovery method for their more than 2TB of files and applications.  

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But taking IT hours and resources out of each week to troubleshoot tape was a cost that a small organization like The Journal could not afford. Frustrated with the inefficiency and expense of using tape backup, Tissenbaum decided it was time to make a switch.  To get your copy of the Case Study, fill out the Form below.


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