Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP)

The Massachusetts Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) was established by Executive Order No. 523 in recognition of the importance of Massachusetts small businesses and the impact and challenges they face in today’s economy. The purpose of the program, as stated in the Executive Order, is “to support the existence and growth of small businesses which meet the Program’s eligibility requirements by providing them with special consideration within the Commonwealth’s procurement process for goods and services required by state agencies.”

sbpp-iconAny business entity, including all of its affiliates combined can participate in the Small Business Purchasing Program if that entity, exclusively through COMMBUYS accepts the program participation agreement, completes the eligibility questionaire and is verified through COMMBUYS as meeting all program eligiibility criteria below as applicableSBPP_Logo

  • Has it principal place of business in Massachusetts
  • Has been in business for at least one year
  • Currently employes a combined total of 50 or fewer full-time equivalents in all locations
  • Has gross revenues, as reported on the appropriate massachusetts Department of Revenue tax form of %15 million or less, based on a 3-year average
  • Is Organized under the laws of the Commonwealth or is properly registered to do business in the Commonwealth
  • Is indepent,ly owned and operated.