Our top notch team of Technology Leaders, IT Consultants and Help Desk Staff

  • Bill Smeltzer

    Bill Smeltzer

    Chief Technology Officer

    With 25+ years of experience, Mr. Smeltzer is recognized as a thought leader and trusted advisor to clients.

  • Michael Godfrey

    Michael Godfrey

    Vice President, Engineering Services

    Michael leads our engineering team in the assessment, design and implementation of technology solutions.

  • Denny Dean

    Denny Dean

    CISO, CyberSecurity Practice Director

    Ranked #117th internationally amongst all CISO’s, Denny provides security expertise for Focus and our clients.

  • Ryan Hickey

    Ryan Hickey

    Vice President of Professional Services

    Ryan focuses on project management, including network and infrastructure upgrades, office moves and consultation.

  • Ahmed Fadili

    Ahmed Fadili

    Vice President of Managed IT Services

    Ahmed works on technology problem analysis and resolutions, supporting IT Managed Services

  • Raghavendra Bsrao

    Raghavendra Bsrao

    Converged Practice Manager

    Raghavendra brings a wealth of experience in data center technologies and implementing hyper-converged services

  • Gary Heldenbergh

    Gary Heldenbergh

    Senior Datacenter Architect

    As an 18-year industry veteran, Gary is a key technical resource for datacenter architectures.

  • Jason


    Sr. IT Consultant/Account Management Supervisor

    Jason monitors client networks and services, solves client issues as they arise, and recommends and implements feature upgrades and solutions.

  • Sugunan Subramaniyan

    Sugunan Subramaniyan

    Senior Network Engineer

    Sugu’s expertise extends well beyond networking and security to multifaceted complex technologies and massive enterprise network migrations and implementations.

  • Eric


    Sr. IT Consultant

    Eric has more than 20 years of professional technical and IT experience

  • Marcial


    IT Consultant

    Marcial provides technical assistance to our client’s as part of his normal work day.

  • Achille


    IT Consultant

    Achille has advanced knowledge of network infrastructure, backup solutions and email spam filters.

  • Tristan


    IT Consultant

    Tristan is our Mac expert. He also aids clients with preventative maintenance and ensuring backups are up-to-date and fully functional.

  • Jonathan


    Help Desk Engineer

    Jonathan is a Senior Help Desk Engineer with over two decades of professional experience.

  • Shawn


    Senior Help Desk Engineer

    Shawn aids clients with a wide assortment of computer-related problems, guiding them in resolving issues

  • Kyle


    Help Desk

    Kyle brings a significant level of expertise to the challenging task of managing a client’s entire IT network

  • Nicholas


    Help Desk IT Supervisor

    Nick brings a strong IT background to Focus through his Associates and Bachelors degree in Information technology from UMass

  • John


    Help Desk Engineer

    John assists clients at Focus with configuration, management and hardware and software troubleshooting services

  • Joe


    Help Desk Engineer

    Joe works hard providing our clients with remote support on a variety of issues, opting to be a jack-of-all-trades instead of picking one specialty