Finding Value by Choosing Office 365

More and more businesses throughout Boston and worldwide continue to choose Office 365 as their complete information technology productivity solution.

Google Apps for Work vs. Office 365

Office 365 delivers the productivity capabilities you need and the safeguards that you can trust, while Google Apps for Work leaves workloads unsupported and its terms compromise data privacy.
  • Google Apps for Work doesn't offer the flexibility, workloads, safegaurds, and innovation your business needs.  Office 365 delivers the industry's most complete set of advanced capabilities.
  • Googles missing security capabilities, limited support and unclear terms put data and privacy at risk, while Office 365 offers built-in safeguards and privacy features you can trust.
  • Google offers consumer-oriented productivity with limited support and few choices.  Office 365 helps you move to the cloud at your own pace with enterprise-proven reliability and control.
  • Google Apps does not support common enterprise workloads, while Microsoft Office 365 meets all commercial productivity demands.

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Office 365 vs Google Apps for Work