With technology transforming at a record pace, offering strategic and flexible solutions is critical to staying ahead of the competition and growing your business. Focus Technology’s Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) program is comprehensive and flexible by giving you technology in a single subscription. Best of all, customers can scale throughout the course of their subscription term – allowing them to adjust to changing business conditions. 

Key Benefits of TaaS Offering

  • Flexible to add or remove technology according to demands
  • Predictable, lower costs with a single subscription price
  • Access to the latest technology
  • You don’t have a large upfront cost to procure new equipment
  • Only keep the technology according to its useful life
  • Not stuck with older laptops slowing down employee productivity
  • Finance source takes title to the equipment
  • Pay for use of the equipment in operating expense model

Real World Example

Customer Purchases 10 Specifically Configured Dell Laptops

  • One-Time Purchase Price - $22,500
  • Equipment Lease - $1 Buyout ($723 per month for 36 months)
    • Total Investment = $26,028
  • 3 Year TaaS agreement with Focus - $642 per month for 36 months
    • Total Investment = $23,112
    • Focus takes the laptops back after 3 years and customer gets a quote for a whole new line of updated and new laptops with the latest technology on them
    • $2,916 savings in 3 years over a standard leasing program

How does Focus TaaS Work?

Focus TaaS program provides the latest technology hardware for a period of time. After understanding your company’s requirements, Focus will build the right TaaS solution to meet your needs and budget.

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