Episode Seven: Why should you care about managed services?


Outsourcing IT to a managed services provider is a hot trend these days. But how do you know if it’s right the right path for you? Tune is as Focus Technology’s Tim Lasonde sheds light on the subject.

Episode Six: What to look for when selecting an MSP


Knowing what to look for in an MSP can mean the difference between a well-oiled IT department and one that is plagued with complexities, an inefficient use of resources and rising costs. But how do you go about selecting the right one for your business? Listen as Tim Lasonde shares key questions you should be asking your next MSP.

Episode Five: Increase IT efficiencies with Cisco’s Hyperflex


Tune in as Larry Veino and Mike Godfrey talk Cisco Hyperflex – an award winning hyperconverged platform that delivers the agility, scalability, and pay-as-you-grow economics of the cloud with the benefits of multi-site, distributed computing at a global scale.

Episode Four: How businesses win with Cisco’s UCS product line


Cisco UCS solves four key issues, according to IT industry analyst firm ESG. Learn what they are in this month’s In-Focus podcast by IT experts Larry Veino and Mike Godfrey.

Episode Three: IT SecurManage: Compliance-ready, Complete Network infrastructure Consumed as a Service.


Today’s CIOs are under increasing pressure to ensure their network infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently and aligns with corporate goals and objectives – all while meeting security requirements and compliance standards. Listen as Focus Technology’s CSO, Bill Smeltzer, explains how you can achieve it all.

Episode Two: Innovations in IT Storage


Storage is one of those technology spaces that have changed dramatically over the last decade – and it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. So, where are we today? Join Focus Technology thought leaders, Larry Veino and Mike Godfrey, as they discuss the current state of storage.

Episode One: Dell Technologies Servers and the Root of Trust


As a Dell Titanium Partner, it’s our pleasure to highlight advancements in server technology with Dell PowerEdge Servers. Listen in as Focus Technology’s own Larry Veino, CTO, and Mike Godfrey, VP of Engineering Services, engage in a spirited discussion about how exciting servers really are!