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A Letter from a Happy IT Managed Services Customer

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Mon, Jul 13, 2015

By:  NSK Customer


We appreciate your patience with our Goldilocks-like process to find the “right” supplier with IT. We are finally close to where we want to be with NSK Inc, thanks in a big way to our new account manager, Jason (big thanks to Jason). Below is what we have accomplished so far with our new IT Managed Services Provider.

Fixed/Migrated Domains:

We were operating within 2 separate domains. This was causing issues with network access, the domain trusts where not operating properly, and there were further issues with name resolution and connectivity. NSK corrected the domain issues and migrated everyone over to one domain (happycompany.com).   Since completed, domain related issues have been eliminated.

Installed New Firewall/Moved DHCP Role:

NSK replaced the current firewall with a more robust solution (Sonicwall NSA2600). NSK installed a firewall based VPN client for remote connectivity and moved the DHCP role over to the domain controller where it should reside for best practice.   This has increased network health and connectivity as well as removed issues with remote access.


Rebuilt Wireless infrastructure:

NSK replaced the existing access point with 2 new business grade access points with bandwidth management allowing great access control. Bandwidth tests on the new WAPs has shown using nearly the full bandwidth advertised by the ISP.

Installed a New Back-up Solution:

Data backups here where in a non working failed state. NSK installed a new NAS device and a new cloud backup solution.   All backups are now running and verified daily by an assigned NSK preventative maintenance technician. The NAS device has built in redundancy for disk failure in addition to offsite storage.

Revamped Phone/Data networks:

NSK has separated the voice and data networks both from a network standpoint and a physical standpoint. NSK also corrected several hardware alerts and faults on the network switches.  This has increased reliability on the data network and reduced VOIP phone issues on the voice network.

Verified and Resolved licensing issues:

We were operating under invalid Licenses for both office and their server hardware. Individual, OEM, and Trial licenses were being used on multiple machines which violates Microsoft EULA. NSK obtained appropriates licenses for all machines requiring it.


NSK has installed remote monitoring software to monitor updates, hardware errors, and patches for all machines. Additionally all machines have had cloud based antivirus installed which is also monitored and automatically updated. NSK has also installed a layer of protection at the DNS level to prevent against malware.

Backup Laptops  

We are establishing a solid backup solution for laptop malfunction inevitability (two extra computers on-site that you can grab if you spill your coffee on your laptop – yes, that happened twice).

If you have significant issues still outstanding that we haven’t addressed please send them to the NSK support email ccing Caylin and myself so that we can make sure they get taken care of.

Thanks again for your patience and happy computing.


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