The Time is Always Right for Technology Outsourcing

Focus appreciates everything that business leaders do to keep their organization moving forward, especially in times of accelerated change and rapid adjustment like we have all been experiencing. You’re in the spotlight to manage change effectively, and many organizations are finding that technology outsourcing provides an important path to take

Technology management remains one of the mission-critical aspects of your business that is always ripe for outsourcing, before, during and after moments of rapid change. With a package like IT Premier, you are not only getting access to the latest solutions, but you are also outsourcing tasks to professionals whose purpose is to provide services responsively, reliably, and consistently.

Offering a complete range of IT services, IT Premier will fulfill all of your IT responsibilities to help you improve operations, remove costly problems, and optimize how your staff spends their time.



Our IT Managed Services offerings include:

it premier

Full Service IT

A turnkey IT department, IT Premier delivers professional IT services across your entire landscape. Using a proven framework that’s based on best practices and established methodologies, we’ll assess your environment, identify and present our findings, then build a roadmap to improve productivity. learn more

it flexserv

Monitoring & Remediation

The constant barrage of issues, alerts and changes in your data center and across endpoints can prove unmanageable for resource-constrained IT teams. With 24/7 monitoring, alerting, patching and issue remediation in the data center and at the end points, IT FlexServ removes that burden. learn more

it assure

Disaster Recovery & Security Service

Featuring a mastery of complex network security concepts, our engineers are Fortinet Network Security Experts (NSE) certified and compliance-trained , which means, you can rest easy knowing your network infrastructure is safe, secure and backed-up. Plus, with Assure Endpoint and Assure Email, you’ll get advanced endpoint protection across your endpoint systems. learn more

IT Assist: Helpdesk

Get unlimited remediation, helpdesk and end-user support, server support and/or a strategic business consultant with IT Assist, a supplemental package that delivers an added layer of support to ensure productive IT operations.

Features IT Premier IT Assure IT FlexServ IT Assist (Supplemental)
End-to-end IT management      
IT consulting services      
Business Continuity    
Network infrastructure security    
Disaster recovery    
Advanced endpoint protection
Advanced email protection
Compliance management      
Vendor management      
Infrastructure management and monitoring across the data center, on-prem or in the cloud    
24/7 monitoring, alerting, patching, issue remediation in data center    
Strategic business consultant    
Live helpdesk    
End-user support    
Unlimited remediation 7AM - 7PM    
Server support    


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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Managed Services Provider

Whether you have an existing IT department that’s looking to offload certain cumbersome or difficult IT functions, or you need a full-service IT department to manage it all, knowing what to look for in an MSP will mean the difference between a well-oiled IT department that supports business growth and one that is plagued with complexities, an inefficient use of resources and rising costs.




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What to look for when selecting an MSP

Choosing the Right MSP for You

When you outsource your technology, you are not only giving your organization access to the latest solutions, but you are also outsourcing responsibility to professionals whose purpose is to provide services responsively, reliably, and consistently. But how do you choose the right MSP for your company? Tim Lasonde, Sr. VP, Managed Services, suggests the right questions to ask.


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