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Cloud Providers vs. Cloud Solution Providers

Posted by Ola Owojori on Tue, May 20, 2014

 Cloud Solution ProvidersIn today’s world companies are turning to cloud computing as a way to cut down on expenses, simplify management, and decrease hardware on-site. Companies (customers) often turn to third parties to provide cloud computing; cloud providers. While enlisting the cloud providers for their services, companies may think that their cloud providers will provide solutions to their businesses. However, this is NOT likely to be the case. When it comes to cloud computing, companies should be aware of the difference between cloud providers and cloud solution providers.

Cloud providers, as the name implies, are just providers and nothing more. Their main purpose is to sell and provide the benefits of cloud computing.  Companies need to be aware of the benefits of using cloud computing. They need to know the why and how it will improve their business; they need solutions. Companies can’t get the answers they’re looking for from cloud providers, which leave them empty-handed.

On the other hand, cloud solution providers can answer all of those questions, while providing them with cloud computing. Companies get the full package with cloud solution providers; they get the service and solutions tailored to the companies’ line of business. Cloud solution providers go beyond the surface for their customers. They take the time to understand their customers’ business and provide solutions tailored to the customers’ business. Solution providers are able to do this because they employ experts within their organization and have the best technology and process.

When it comes to technology, solution providers have broader, more comprehensive technologies which allow increased flexibility and integrated communication. For example, instead of the basic automated call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), and unified communications they have the most up-to-date applications and tools. Companies can enhance their business by using multiple channels of communication: real-time speech analytics, mobility, multiple users on shared documents, routing and recording channels of communication (social media, chat/email, and voice).  Also, solution providers can determine which apps and tools will work best for each customer.

Now the two most important parts of cloud solution providers is:

  1. The Organization Itself
  2. The Process they use to incorporate cloud computing into your business.

 In order for cloud computing to be effective and run smoothly the cloud solution providers need their organization and processes to be the best. The organization needs to have the most capable and experienced people within it. Every aspect of the organization needs to be outstanding—the sales team, the project team, the service team, the trainers, and the help desk. Arguably, it could be said that the help desk team is the most important team because they are the “customer service” aspect of the solution provider. They are the ones that, will be providing the solutions or guiding the customers to their solutions.

Lastly, the process solution providers use to install the new cloud technology needs to be just as organized as the company itself. The process needs to be tailored in a way for the customers to get their solutions efficiently and understand the changes quickly.  

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