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Carole Martineau: The New NSK Receptionist

Posted by Davide Palumbo on Fri, Sep 12, 2014

Carole MarineauThe latest member to join the NSK team is Carole Martineau. As front desk and receptionist, Carole’s responsibilities involve not only answering phone calls; but also providing support to anyone who needs it. Carole makes sure that office and kitchen supplies are always in stock, and that any shipping process is properly initiated and handled. Carole’s range of duties also includes a partial involvement with the marketing department, which consists of ensuring that all the anniversary gifts are correctly forwarded to the company’s clients and sending chocolate filled NSK mugs out to potential and existing clients.

Originally from Haiti, Carole moved to Boston at the age of 7, and since then she has lived in the Dorchester area. Carole loves her neighborhood, and the sense of belonging and safety that the local community, and in general the city of Boston are able to offer. “What I like about Boston is that is still divided in neighborhoods where you have basically the opportunity to know everybody”. With a little bit of irony, Carole likes to say about her latest accomplishment was being able to start working for NSK. However, Carole is not only an enthusiastic employee; her interests range from cooking, and watching movies to travelling. It is also thanks to her desire to see new places far from home, that Carole had the opportunity in the early 90s to visit Russia right after the collapse of the USSR. With the help of an ex-KGB agent as a guide, Carole was able to see exceptional places such as the Moscow Kremlin at whose museum visitors can still admire several jewels and regalia that once belonged to the Romanov family.

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