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Avoiding Spam Tricks

Posted by Melissa Cocks on Mon, Oct 19, 2009

Spam E-Mail Security Tip

One trick employed by spammers is to send you a newsletter type e-mail. E-mails like this generally look like a weekly or monthly newsletter and feature prominent “UNSUBSCRIBE” verbiage. The newsletter is meant to look like something you’re not interested in or didn’t sign up for. 

Knowing this, the spammer is encouraging you to click unsubscribe or to reply to the message to unsubscribe. What happens when you do this, however, is you advertise to the spammer that your e-mail address works and you actively read your messages. In other words, you’re screaming to the spammers “I EXIST, SEND ME MORE SPAM!!” 

If you’re getting e-mail you didn’t sign up for, mark it as junk mail or spam using your e-mail client’s built-in spam filtering and then delete it.

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Ben Howard - MCSE, Security+, CCNA Security, NSA 4011
Senior IT Associate
NSK Inc. 

Tags: Disaster Recovery

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