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Local Boy Does Good

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Fri, Mar 04, 2011

It was a slow day in the TA IT Department and Deputy Michael McGowan sat watching the tumbleweeds roll past with a bemused look that belied his lighting draw and steel resolve. Suddenly a call came in from the Sheriff – he had just been ambushed in Downtown Crossing Gully and three bandits had made off with a valuable heirloom – his iPad.

The Deputy jumped into action faster than you could say “free ice cream in the kitchen”. He called to his trusty steed- “Hi ho Mobile Me!”, and logged into his remote access tool. In less than two shakes of a toner cartridge he had the iPad locked down and was tracking it on GPS thru the gully. Deputy McGowan then got on the phone with the Transit Authority Detective Unit, who immediately sent out a posse. The Deputy coordinated with three law men on foot and led them directly to the bandits’ hideout. When the officers were in position, the Deputy activated an audible “call of distress” from the stolen iPad, and the officers nabbed the bad guys.

Without firing a shot (or even leaving his chair) Deputy McGowan won the day with the right tools and quick thinking, and the valuable heirloom is back in the sheriff’s hands.

So what’s the moral of this story? For all you iPad owners, make sure you have setup the remote monitoring tool on your iPad. And if you ever run into trouble, call the helpdesk immediately (Blackberry users too). They can lock down the device, track it via GPS, and remotely wipe the data if necessary.

This blog post was written by Matt Nerney, the Director of Information Technology @ TA Associates. TA Associates is a long standing client of NSK Inc.
Michael McGowan is an IT Associate from NSK Inc.

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