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You may be better than you think!

Posted by Bill Smeltzer on Wed, Sep 20, 2017
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I was recently tasked with helping a client compare going to Cloud (in this case AWS) vs. “Modernizing” their existing infrastructure. In this particular case, the client has a very consistent application environment. Their business applications are mature and are meeting the current needs of the business.

The assumption was that moving to the cloud was going to lower their operational cost. I mean how couldn’t it? By removing all hardware and data center expenses how could it not result in savings?

Focus recommended and performed  several assessments to analyze the current environment and create a baseline to compare IaaS from the Cloud vendor vs modernizing the current environment. Once the baseline was created, it allowed us to do an “apples to apples” comparison on infrastructure cost. The result was surprising to the client.

Based on a three-year Total Cost of Ownership, the cloud proved to be 52% more expensive and in this exercise the 52% was 2.5 million dollars over three years.  The two biggest takeaways were;

  1. The client was very good at operating the current virtual environment. The staff was trained well and they leverage virtualization tools to keep the environment optimized
  2. Modern Hyper Converged technologies helped to keep the overall infrastructure hardware cost low

As you start to consider making drastic changes to the way you currently do things, it may make sense to pause and really assess how good you are. In many cases, you and your IT staff have been doing this for years and you may be better than you think!

Where do you stand on the IT transformation spectrum?  Focus is offering a complimentary, quick non-disruptive evaluation that helps you understand where you are and where you need to be, in order to support your organization’s IT transformation goals. Request yours today and claim your RIF6 Cube mini projector at www.GetModernWithFocus.com


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