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Vlad Bolkhovsky: IT Consultant

Posted by Davide Palumbo on Thu, Sep 25, 2014

IT Consultant - NSK

As one of NSK’s IT Consultant, Vlad currently provides full time assistance and support to our client Hollister Staffing. More specifically, Vlad’s job consists of a wide set of responsibilities which normally includes keeping the inventory constantly updated, monitoring the proper functioning of the backup process, along with hardware and software support. If any issue occurs, it is Vlad’s primary concern to make sure that his intervention is promptly provided so that any interruption to the regular course of Hollister’s activity is minimized, and people can resume their work as soon as possible. A recent challenge that Vlad faced was an internet speed problem that slowed down the internet connection at the Hollister office. With the help of the NSK team, Vlad was able to troubleshoot the issue with a step by step approach, and narrow it down to the firewall as the culprit. As a secondary step, Vlad and the project team developed and immediately executed a plan to reconfigure the firewall which reestablished and eventually improved their internet speed.

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” is the very first suggestion that comes to Vlad’s mind for all the average computer users. According to Vlad, average computer users may often underestimate the potential of a good old fashioned reboot. “Essentially, when you restart your computer you're clearing off the current state of your software and starting over again.” Basically, it is like dumping out all the junk and preparing the computer for a new fresh start.

Vlad is originally from the Ukraine, and moved to the US in 1996. He does not really fit the typical image of an IT person. Rather than playing video games and reading Comic Books, Vlad’s interests are oriented towards nutrition and staying physically active as much as possible. Since 2006, Vlad has been practicing mixed martial arts. Besides being an effective stress relief, mixed martial arts is an excellent physical workout, which has taught Vlad about discipline, hard work and dedication. “Because the sport has such a wide array of striking and ground techniques, you have almost complete freedom of physical expression.”

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