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For Those with an Eye for IT

Posted by Amanda Furrer on Thu, Jan 24, 2013

There are those who should have customer service on speed dial and those who repair system errors like Mozart plunking out a piano concerto. In our technologic age where devices going haywire send people into a tailspin, an astute IT (information technology) specialist is likened to a reliable therapist.

IT services technician|“With today’s dependency on the internet, computers and information, there is a high demand for an information technology specialist.”|

It isn’t small beans when intruders hack into computer systems. The staggering cost of network security breaches in 2009 was over $559.7 million. To businesses who desire company preservation and security, IT specialists are practically superheroes. Because of the need for protection and the potential threat of hackers, there’s always a high demand for IT experts.

So you’re more tech-savvy than the average Joe, but where do you go from there? There are several jobs for the IT-minded individual to consider. Certain IT roles benefit from specific skill sets a person may inhabit. For example, a network administrator is the perfect job for a multitasking wizard. A network administrator is in charge of keeping bugs out of computer systems, stopping interruptions and preventing security breaches. They wear many hats as a manager, repairman and “exterminator.” For those who work well with others and like giving advice (and getting paid for it), working as a consultant may be in their future. IT consultants’ help companies choose technology-based solutions to make their businesses run effectively and smoothly. They may work on their own or with a consulting firm.

The road to a career in IT begins with education. While an associate’s degree can lead to an entry level position, graduating with a bachelor’s in computer science or computer engineering increases the likelihood of getting hired. Salaries for a specialist can range from $40,000 to even $120,000 a year.

At NSK, we have a legion of IT specialists with years of expertise and multiple specialties. Our team provides preventative IT maintenance services and monitoring for small business clients. They dabble in a variety of services including data protection, storage, networking and hosting. And in case you’re wondering, yes—our technicians and consultants all hold bachelor’s degrees.

Informationtechnologyspecialist.net is a great starting point for those who are curious about working in IT. Who knows, maybe this will be your first step towards becoming a part of the NSK staff.

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