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Web 2.0, AJAX, XML, Thin Clients, and You

Posted by Melissa Cocks on Wed, Jan 16, 2013

"Web 2.0 and AJAX have already changed web programming and <a href="www.nskinc.com">business application development</a> to the same extent that managed care has already changed the healthcare industry, and boxing gloves have already changed boxing."  

ajax_pMost web programmers learn quickly how to use a submit button, which allows a user to wait for the next web page to come back to them and tell them the results of their action. Most accomplished <a href="www.nskinc.com">web programmers</a> have learned how to display a table of data, and to sort the data by waiting for the page to refresh. Most accomplished web programmers have also explained to clients many times, that they can't type into a dropdown list; they can only choose one of the values in the list, because "that's the way the web thing works".

Now, web programming isn't so simple. Forms can be updated and data can be sorted, faster than you can read the confirmation messages. No one has to wait for pages to reload any more. New descriptions can be added to a list, and stored into a database, simply by typing them into a dropdown box. A web form can enter and correct data faster than a user can type.

The admission requirements for the web programmer club are getting higher. Microsoft and Adobe are writing tools to make these tasks easy, but these tools are still in their infancy. <blockquote></blockquote><em></em><em></em>

Written by Keith Mitchell, Senior Developer at Touch Ahead Software

Tags: IT Services

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