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Desktops in the Cloud... What is it? Do I need it? Wait.. Is It Secure?

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Tue, Dec 10, 2013

For the last twenty years small to medium sized companies have been running their networks where the servers and the computer, their entire infrastructure,  is inside the four walls of their business.  This infrastructure is all being managed inside that space and the complexity of it includes having an in-house or outside consulting firm handle the entire structure. 

Small to medium size businesses are paying for the hardware and software of the infrastructure and also for a human to manage all of that hardware and the software that is installed on it. 

What the cloud does is basically push all of that hardware and software to a data center environment.  The data center can then do a much better job at managing the complexity of the environment and lowering costs in delivering the operation in a more efficient system for your company to run. 

We are finding that companies are starting to see a forty to sixty percent savings in business costs over a 3 to 5 year period.  Small and medium sized businesses are now cutting costs because

  1. They are not buying hardware and software.
  2. They do not have to manage the hardware and the software
  3. They do not need an in-house or outside consulting company to handle the management of the entire structure. 

Now.. All of that infrastructure is being provided to you in the cloud.

We have developed and designed a system where once you login through a secure URL, to a remote desktop environment it’s the user interface that everyone is very familiar with.  It is what we've all sort of grown up with.   It is a start button, programs, accessories….. It’s everything you know:   Microsoft Office, QuickBooks.. Whatever it is you use.  The software is loaded up into your remote desktop environment, the same as if you were working on a local computer that you've used for years.

Is it Secure?  There's a common misconception out here that having your own server is actually more secure than having your virtual private cloud or your data hosted on the cloud.  It is just not true.  With Desktop Cloud Computing you're getting Enterprise class security.  No one is gaining access to your systems, either by physical and virtual through the connectivity.  These are highly secure environments using SSL encryption to communicate with your remote desktop environment.  We are talking bank level encryption.  There is just no way, on your own as a small business, are you able to achieve that level of security without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with your own network environment, with your own server with your own computers.

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