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Talking about Trends and IT Security in 2011

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Wed, Jan 19, 2011

As you have probably noticed we have written a boat load of Security Articles for the past year.  We feel that because of all the legislation and regulations that are daily being created and updated by the government, they are seeing trends that will continue to target technology devices and small businesses.   

So in speaking about the trends in 2011, allbusiness.com had the 14 trends that will define 2011 for Small Businesses.  And the # 14th Trend was “Cybersecurity Threats Pack a Punch

The article talks about how malware targeting in mobile devices grew significantly during 2010, and that it will grow even faster in 2011.  It also spoke about malware designed to attack bank accounts and is becoming an epidemic.  For these predictions in 2011 is your company’s information secure?  Are you sure?  With the Massachusetts regulation 201CMR17 there are now fines ($) that will be assessed against companies that are not securing their data under the new guidelines. 

Starting off 2011 thinking about these predictions and trends is probably the last thing that a Small Business owner wants to do, but it is in your greatest interest to prepare for these trends and predictions.

Read the new MGL 93H 201CRM17.00 Regulations. 

Get that Written information Security Program into effect for your company.

Have a security audit done.  The audit itself, will help you find the vulnerabilities that your company may have that would allow intruders to get into your systems.

Security Audit

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