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NSK Insider: Jason Masterson - IT Consultant, Field Services

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Wed, Dec 31, 2014

Jason Masterson

Jason Masterson joined the NSK Inc. team in September of 2013 working with our group of IT consultants focusing on field services. Jason attended Northeastern University, graduating in 2003 and has always had an interest in technology starting at a young age; Jason has always had a drive to learn more in the field.

Jason can be described as being reliable, honest and dependable. Jason describes his position as an IT consultant as monitoring client networks and services, solving client issues as they arise, recommending and implementing futures upgrades and solutions.

Prior to his start at NSK Inc. Jason had 5 years of experience working at Vencom Communications as a VoIP project manager; followed by 3 years at Boston Scientific as a system administrator. When asked why NSK Inc. is a good carreer choice, Jason said that he admires how “NSK strives to find not just qualified people but great people who are passionate and prideful about their work.” Jason is very passionate about his work saying that he “puts a lot into what he does and loves that the entire staff here does as well.”

Jason’s hobbies include cooking, sports, volunteering; A typical week consists of all of those things. In Jason’s spare time, he is involved in 2 basketball leagues in the city, volunteering with Horizons for Homeless Children and Helping Hands for America 2 days a week. When Jason is not devoting his time to those in need he finds the time to cook and goes out for food and drinks with friends. Jason has a special skill for cooking, loves being active with kids, and spending precious time with his family. Jason admits that there really isn’t a lot to dislike in his life because he is a genuinely positive person.

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