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Data Breach Resources

Posted by Melissa Cocks on Wed, Dec 31, 2014

List of Data Breach Resources

Compilation of External Links

Security Breach/Data Breach
    1.  A Guide for Guarding Personal Information in the Workplace
    2. Security Breach Legislation 2014: 
    3. Data Breach Alerts/Latest Updates
    4. Security Breach Notification Laws by State
    5. 2014 Data Breaches
    6. The Latest Stories Involving ID Theft and Data Breach Compiled in One Newsletter
    7. High Profile Data Breach Incidents
    8. Most Discussed Data Breach Incidents
    9. Data Breach Statistics for the Current Year
    10. UAB Collat School of Business Data Security Video
    11. The History of Data Breaches
    12. Protecting Clients Sensitive Data

 What is the true cost for downtime due to data loss and data breaches?

True Cost of Downtime


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