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NSK Plays Host to Russian Information Technology Delegation

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Wed, Feb 06, 2013

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November 14, 2012 – Boston,MA ~ NSK Inc, an IT management services and consulting firm in Boston's financial district, hosted a 2-hour session with 18 Russian Information Technology delegates on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. Justyna Kottke, International Trade Specialist, SABIT Program, with the United States Department of Commerce in Washington, DC selected NSK Inc as the ideal technology company capable of directing and organizing the event.

The delegates entered the US as part of a Special American Business Internship Training's (SABIT) International Trade Program with the US Department of Commerce. Participants were interested in meeting NSK personnel; and learning more about IT assistance, customer support and successful IT marketing techniques that IT Services companies provide.

NSK's Sales Manager, Randy Benoit, Marketing Director, Cathie Briggette, and President, Timothy Lasonde, each gave a short presentations about NSK client services. Also discussed was the importance marketing plays in the initial location and ultimate capture of that client base.

The delegates were very interested in all of the aspects of running an IT Services business, including all of our business processes and what we do to retain employees. They wanted to know the names and efficiency of our vendors, as well as our marketing processes for pursing leads.

At the close of the amicable 2-hour session, the Russian delegates presented NSK Inc with a gift bag full of Russian trinkets.

SABIT: Promoting Partnerships, Generating Results The emerging markets of Eurasia present unique opportunities for U.S. companies and Eurasian economies alike. The Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) program builds partnerships and provides technical assistance by training Eurasian business leaders in U.S. business practices. These training programs directly support Eurasian economic and civil society development by encouraging market‐based reforms, while generating valuable export and investment opportunities for U.S. industry.

While Eurasian markets are full of opportunity, there are an equal number of risks that must be considered. A sound understanding of the local market environment is instrumental in managing these risks. SABIT enables U.S. companies to develop this local knowledge by establishing partnerships and training local Eurasian management.

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