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Sleep Better Soon

Posted by Denny Dean on Wed, Dec 06, 2017

CyberSecurity leaders from around New England recently met in Boston to discuss the state of affairs in cyberspace. We all agree… "There is work to do… and a lot of it". But where do YOU go from here?

Want to sleep well at night? Yeah… me too. At Focus Technology Solutions, we are on OUR custom journey from here to there. The mystical place where we feel we are doing all we must to keep our business safe from the oodles of cyberspace threats. This all starts with a clear cybersecurity strategy. Let us know if we can help you on your journey to a better nights rest. :) ... Do This Now Alert: Reach out to your favorate CyberSecurity advisor and spend a little time ensuring your business risks, related to the cyber universe, are what you think they are.

If you are interested in receiving a complimentary security consultation, please complete this brief survey. During the consultation, our team of security experts will work with you to discuss your current security strategy, compliance needs and offer best practices on securing your environment.

- Your Virtual CISO at Focus, Denny E. Dean

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