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What To Do If Your Google Account Is Compromised

Posted by Michael Lupacchino on Mon, Nov 08, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I went to check my phone before heading off to bed and noticed something was wrong. My Droid was telling me that it couldn’t sync with my Gmail account.

After three unsuccessful tries to connect to my account, I decided to get on my laptop and try to log onto my Gmail account via the web. Once I logged in, Google alerted me that my account had been compromised, and that I should change my password.

If this has happened to you, I understand your frustration. Somehow someone over in Kazakhstan had managed to hack into my account, which left me feeling violated and worried about the information stored in my account.

I managed to reclaim my account and decided to share with you how I managed to get the account back, secure my new password, along with the steps needed to protect your account from becoming compromised.

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