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Karmaloop Selects NSK Inc For IT Services

Posted by Michael Lupacchino on Wed, Nov 17, 2010

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Karmaloop Selects NSK Inc For IT Services

Streetwear fashion and media icon, Karmaloop, has hired NSK Inc as their complete Information Technology services provider.

 Boston, MA, November 17, 2010NSK Inc, an IT consulting firm in Boston was recently selected as Karmaloop’s IT services provider. Karmaloop is a cross-platform web retailer specializing in global streetwear fashion. Well known in Boston, Karmaloop has their brick and mortar store on Newbury Street in addition to their web offerings. NSK has been hired to monitor and maintain the IT infrastructure for the corporate offices.

As Karmaloop is a web-retailer and has numerous electronic media ventures including KarmaloopTV, they were looking for an IT firm that had the capabilities to manage a complex Information Technology system. According to Joe Finsterwald, CTO of Karmaloop, “Karmaloop exists in a highly competitive market so it was important to me to select a vendor that had experience supporting companies of the same scale while at the same time providing service that was predicated on creativity and collaboration.”

Tim Lasonde, President of NSK Inc, says “We are extremely excited to be providing IT services and support for Karmaloop. Karmaloop is a fantastic growing company and we are pleased they have selected us as a Technology Partner to help them achieve their growth and productivity goals.” Currently NSK is working on restructuring the entire network as well as implementing overall system enhancements.

This isn’t NSKs first time working with Finsterwald. He states “I chose NSK as a result of the experience I’d had working with NSK from another company. I was impressed by the quality of service and the depth of knowledge that NSK brought to the problem of building an extensible IT infrastructure.”

For more information about NSK’s services, please visit http://www.nskinc.com/it.

About Karmaloop

Karmaloop.com is a cross-platform web retailer specializing in global streetwear fashion. The Karmaloop family of sites includes online retailer Karmaloop, internet TV station KarmaloopTV and social network Junglelife (in development). Since its creation in 2000 by streetwear enthusiast Greg Selkoe, the site has evolved from a one-man-show into the largest and most successful streetwear retailer online. Retailing over 200 brands to both men and women Karmaloop receives 4.5 million monthly unique visitors comprised primarily of the highly sought after young influencer demographic. The site’s visitors, made up of alpha-consumers and key influencers ranging in age from 18-34, set and make trends for their peers. Karmaloop is more than just a retailer, it’s a community of style that provides a daily, interactive dose of the people and movements fueling and shaping Verge Culture”, the first generation to grow up with the internet.

About NSK Inc

NSK Inc is a leader in information technology consulting, with a focus on IT management for SMB companies. Headquartered in Boston, MA the company offers a wide array of IT services for business driven information challenges. They provide service and support for small and medium-sized businesses and groups working within large organizations. For more information, please visit http://www.nskinc.com/about.

Press Contact

Cathie Briggette

NSK Inc.

(p) +1 617 303-0480

(e) cathie@nskinc.com

(w) http://www.nskinc.com


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