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IT Integration - What are the ingredients

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Thu, Nov 19, 2015

When we think about integration we think about the act of bringing together components into a single system that functions as one.  In the description of IT integration we believe it refers to the result of all the hardware (servers, mobile devices, computers, laptops), software and services (disaster recovery, IT managing and monitoring, backup, help desk), brought together in an organization.

ingredients to a perfect IT managed services provider


And then we think of the integration of all these components or the Chocolate Cake that is made from all of the ingredients as our IT Managed Services.

We used to service these components individually.  Separate ingredients like the flour, sugar, butter, coco, eggs…. Etc.   All the ingredients where there to buy separately, but there was no recipe or integration.  For each business we would give them some of the ingredients, for example, just the sugar (disaster recovery) or just the vanilla for the cake, but it didn’t really click for some of the business they still didn't have all the ingredients or the recipe to make that chocolate cake or the components to integrate their entire IT infrastructure.  The cake just wasn't being created.  

Then we realized when we put all the best ingredients together in a great recipe and created the cake ourselves, we solved the chocolate cake problem the disparate integration that our clients were having.  Clients were much happier with the end result, and they were still able to customize their cakes with sprinkles or frosting or other garnishes to make it work specifically for them.  

We have become really good at making cake.  And the organizations that we work with really like the readied cake because it brings together all their technological components and it is handled in a solution that handles all of their needs.  AND it is taken care of all in one place.

NSK Inc is Boston IT Integration Consulting Firm.

IT Managed Services in Boston


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