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What is an IT Managed Services Provider

Posted by Cathie Briggette Fri, Jan 13, 2017

There are quite a few definitions of what a managed IT service provider does, but the best one is:   a company that is the proactive manager that maintains & monitors an organization's IT systems on a regular basis while having the expertise to do so. The company here is known as Managed IT Service Provider or MSP. This company charges a monthly fee to handle these tasks at an Organization.

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Help Desk vs. Service Desk

Posted by Caroline Witts Wed, Aug 17, 2016

What is the difference between a Service Desk and a Help Desk? While they may sound similar, the ITIL v3 makes a point to decipher between them. Each form of service plays a distinct role in the communication between customer and IT provider.

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IT Integration - What are the ingredients

Posted by Cathie Briggette Thu, Nov 19, 2015

When we think about integration we think about the act of bringing together components into a single system that functions as one.  In the description of IT integration we believe it refers to the result of all the hardware (servers, mobile devices, computers, laptops), software and services (disaster recovery, IT managing and monitoring, backup, help desk), brought together in an organization.

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IT Help Desk Position Open in Boston

Posted by Cathie Briggette Mon, Jun 01, 2015

IT Help Desk (Boston) - 

NSK Inc. is an IT consulting firm in Boston. We work closely with our various clients in order to create, maintain and support their networks. Our client list spans multiple industries thus exposing our employees to many technologies. This aspect of our business keeps our environment fast-paced, up-to-date and, most importantly, fun!

We are now hiring for a Helpdesk position in our Boston office, to remotely support our clients. This is a full-time salaried position with benefits.

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Tech Fixes: Outlook 2010 - The linked image cannot be displayed

Posted by Cathie Briggette Fri, Sep 12, 2014

Error Code: The linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted. Verify that the link points to the correct file and location.

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NSK Insider: Richard Meikle - Help Desk Support

Posted by Cathie Briggette Fri, Dec 27, 2013

Richard Meikle joined the NSK Inc. team on September 23, 2013 as part of our help desk support group. Richard brings to the table his understanding and comprehension of new technology information, his willingness to learn,  and his ability to apply what he knows to support others anyway he can. Richard describes his new position as being tasked with providing immediate remote support to a large array of clients on varying systems.

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NSK Inc Receives Woman-Owned Business Certification

Posted by Cathie Briggette Sun, Mar 28, 2010

NSK Inc, a leading IT Consulting Firm has just received the Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) certification from the State office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (SOMWBA). As a result, NSK Inc will be listed in both the SOMWBA Directory and in the Massachusetts Central Register. As a member, NSK Inc is now eligible to better compete for government contracts as well as garner better connections through the services available as a WBE certified business.

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