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New Web Browser promises privacy

Posted by Steven Lai on Mon, May 01, 2017
Steven Lai

A brand new web broswer promises privacy for web searching! The web browser is called Brave. The browser promises to provide an option that leaves no trace of or history to the web sites that have been visit.

Brave a new web browser promises online web privacy 

Additionally Brave goes farther by upgrading insecure HTTP website communication links into encrypted HTTPS where it is hard for others to track your network traffic.
Programmar, Yan Zhu who has a long history with security and privacy projects including encrypted email at Yahoo and some of The Tor Project.  
Yan Zhu stated "This new browsing mode will give the user better protection from local surveillance, such as by their internet service provider or other users on a shared Wi-Fi network.
Tor is a operated server that connects with mutiple virtual tunnels that hides a individual's web browsing information. Tor offers a variety of modified versions of browsers such as FireFox. 
Tor Brave Online privacy
By having and building Tor into private tabs, it makes it a lot harder for ISP's to track where you have been browsing. 
What are Private Tabs?
Private tabs to protect online surfing
Private tabs help to protect privacy by recording and displaying any website visits. Private tabs can be found in all browers, such as Google Chrome.  Besides the fact that private tabs don't record an individual's web browsing history, they also discard all cookies. (Cookies are files that store information about the individual and their perferences.)  
It is unclear on how this would be rolled out, as the new president has signed a bill that would allow internet providers to gain information from online users. Online information such as a individual's name, IP address, currenent subscription level,  geographic locations, web browsing histories, app usage histories, and the contents of communications. All of this personal information would be given to broad brand companies like Comcast and Verizon. along with a fee to pay for online privacy.


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