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NSK Inc Launches Pavis® Cloud Solutions

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Fri, Jul 01, 2011

NSK Inc, a Boston-based IT consulting firm, just announced the release of Pavis® Cloud Computing Solutions. Now small and medium sized businesses can experience the efficiency and scalability of Cloud Computing while utilizing a cost-effective solution. Pavis Cloud Solutions are custom built to fit an organization’s specific needs. The suite offers a range of options including backup disaster recovery (BDR), on-demand storage, and archival capabilities.

pavis_backup_logoPavis Cloud Solutions are unlike other Cloud Computing services on the market in that Pavis employs a Hybrid Cloud model that fuses the scalability of a Public Cloud with the security of a Private Cloud. With Pavis Cloud, an NSK technician installs the system on the organization’s current network and then the system delegates what information and applications are hosted on the internal private network, and what is sent off-site into the Cloud.

pavis_storage_logo-resized-171Deciding whether or not to implement Cloud Computing solutions within small and medium sized businesses hasn’t been an easy task. Storage needs, cost, and maintenance are all factors that need to be considered before selecting a Cloud Computing model. Thanks to Pavis Cloud, the system can be tailor made to fit an organization’s needs. According to Tim J. Lasonde, President of NSK Inc, “Storage is a large problem for our clients. In the past, Cloud Computing has been expensive to scale. Now, Pavis Cloud Solutions allow our customers to continue to store and share data as they always have while implementing a secure, cost effective, scalable solution.”

pavis_archive_logo-resized-600Pavis Cloud Solutions are offered in three standard configurations, but can be combined to create a custom solution for any organization. Options include: Pavis® Backup, an efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional tape backup systems; Pavis® Storage, an on-demand storage solution to accommodate an ever changing amount of data; and Pavis® Archive, a flexible solution for safely securing data that isn’t accessed on a regular basis.

For further information about Pavis Cloud Solutions, please visit our website or contact us at sales@nskinc.com.

For more information regarding Cloud Computing, please download our White Paper: “Hybrid Clouds – The Best of Both Worlds.”http://www.nskinc.com/it/pavis_cloud.html

About NSK Inc.

NSK Inc is a leader in information technology consulting, with a focus on IT management for SMB companies. Headquartered in Boston, MA with an additional office in Palo Alto, CA, the company offers a wide array of IT services for business driven information challenges. They provide service and support for small and medium-sized businesses and groups working within large organizations. NSK Inc also creates custom software products for investment banks, equity management organizations, and other specialized industry areas. For more information, please visit www.nskinc.com.

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