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Top 5 Reasons SMBs Outsource IT

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Mon, Sep 19, 2016

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Recently USA Today published an article titled “Small-Business Owners Might Need Outside Help With Tech.” Written by business reporter Laura Petrecca, the article touches upon different scenarios where SMBs might/should have to seek outside IT support.

Many small business owners think that having a college intern (or nerdy cousin Steve) on staff is enough as they are there to remove the printer jams, replace toner, install the wireless router and run anti-virus applications every now and then. In reality, these are the basic essentials of owning technology (in an office setting and at home).

Most businesses, regardless of size, need more than just printer and internet maintenance to support their everyday operations. Also, due to newer legislation that requires an audit of businesses that store personal information (i.e. anyone who accepts credit card payments), companies need external resources.

I mean let’s face it – nerdy cousin Steve may know how to configure a Linksys router, but it is doubtful he’ll know how to make sure your IT infrastructure is compliant to state and federal regulations.

Not convinced? Here is Reason # 1

Expertise and Resources

Having a bank of knowledge at your disposal is imperative in today’s world, where new technologies are constantly emerging and new rules and regulations are implemented that affect how you utilize technology in the workplace. An IT consulting firm will be able to provide you with experts on Security/Compliance, Networking, Operating Systems, and numerous other subdivisions of Information Technology.

For most small businesses who utilize only one main IT Professional, it is unlikely that one individual will have expert knowledge on every aspect of Information Technology.

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