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Are You An IT Professional?

Posted by Cathie Briggette on Mon, Jun 01, 2015

Dedicated IT Services For IT Managers and System Administrators

IT Services Professional Help

Today’s economy presents difficult challenges and opportunities for all of us. We are all looking for how to do more with less. NSK Inc can help you with the many tasks on your plate. We know you are busy; we are here to help you!

Working together to meet your IT needs

NSK Inc offers an assortment of Co-Managed IT services that provide your organization with a high level of support and availability, allowing your internal IT team to focus on strategic activities rather than device support.

Our team of professionals will communicate with your internal IT department using a world-class collaboration and ticketing platform that gives your employees a simple, web-interface for submitting IT issues and tracking programs. Service calls are as easy as a click of a button. Gone are endless phone sessions, misunderstandings, broken paper trails and ‘we versus you’ thinking. One team, one goal - 100% uptime.

Co-managed IT services enable:

  • Support and troubleshoot remotely, anywhere
  • Web-based ticketing, tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • Comprehensive at-a-glance look into all your IT issues and ticket resolution
  • More efficient technology workflows and processes
  • Click of the mouse service calls
  • Performance reporting
  • Remote resolution of issues more than 90% of the time
  • Asset inventory
  • Help desk services

Benefits of IT collaboration:

  • Secure “institutional IT knowledge” that otherwise resides with individual employees
  • Increased efficiency by sharing responsibility of managing your IT resources
  • issue tracking
  • Virtual staff augmentation
  • Coverage outside of your normal business hours
  • Experts to lean on when you hit an IT problem you can’t solve internally
  • Extra manpower to help during periods of peak demand
  • On-site support to remote offices and employees 

IT Project Support

NSK Inc helps you with IT projects that you just don't seem to find time to complete. Our goal is to make you look like a "Rock Star". From Email Migrations to Virtualization, we have you covered. We find that IT Managers like yourself enjoy having a extra set of eyes on the problem. Especially when it relates to large migrations or collapsing key systems into new infrastructure. Our expertise give you the fire power you need to get the job done right.

IT Service Continuity

NSK Inc helps you increase your infrastructure reliability with redundant computing systems and daily offsite backup of all your data. We provide continuity within our central infrastructure such as redundant mail relays, routers and Internet connections. We can design and support continuity for your specific solutions from redundant hardware components such as power supplies and NICs to redundant server solutions to support your critical application requirements.

Offsite Data Storage and Remote Data Access

We automatically back up your workstation and server data and electronically store it in a secure, offsite location. Plus we can establish remote data access for your key personnel if your building is ever inaccessible for any reason. These critical precautions can help you meet vital business continuity requirements.

Business Continuity Planning

Our IT infrastructure experts can assist you with the critical IT elements of your business continuity plan, including IT impact assessment, backup and recovery strategies, plan documentation, and test and update.

Contact NSK Inc today to learn more about how co-managed services can improve your business by getting a free, no-obligation consultation. sales@nskinc.com

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