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In-house IT vs. Outsourced IT.

Posted by Molly Abrahamson on Wed, Sep 21, 2016

outsourcinginhouseDoes it make sense to outsource your IT?

There’s no single right answer to these questions. A great deal depends on the following:

1. Can your in-house team do the job well?

2. Can someone else do the job better?

3. If the answer to 2 is “yes,” will the difference be enough to cover the cost of their services less your internal management savings?

As your company matures, the level of complexity necessary to optimize for size and efficiency has grown beyond all but a handful of the very best in-house network administrators.

The right outsourcing relationship should involve:

Trust that the company you chose has better personnel than you could find or hire.

Recognition that they have tactical expertise and experience beyond that of your internal team.

Oversight and collaboration with respect to goals and general strategies rather than tactical details.

Reducing the need for internal management. You shouldn’t need a full-time employee sitting in your office unless your systems are astronomically huge, or unless your systems are ineffectual.

Flexibility, extra assistance when you need it, a broader level of IT skills and expertise and potentially lower costs.


For a financial breakdown case study, click below.


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