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10 tips on how to avoid SMiShing (SMS phishing)

Posted by Steven Lai Tue, Apr 04, 2017

Mobile devices are used thousands of times every day by billions of people. Everyone now socializes through apps and text messages. Mobile devices are a great tool to connect with one or another, however privacy and cyber hackers  can be a risk factor to consider when thinking about Cyber Security.

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Smishing?  What is Smishing?

Posted by Steven Lai Mon, Apr 03, 2017


Chinese hackers have set up a fake phone tower to send text messages to Android  mobile users. The text contains a brief text that states "Congratulations! you have won 100 GB internet pack". Along with the message within the text, includes an URL link that links mobile users to a virus.    


The title of this committed crime is called SMiShing. S M i S hing is all about tricking victims by sending out a malware app that links through text. The purpose of this crime is to trick individuals into giving out sensitive information by having them
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