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What's The Hype on VxRail?

Posted by Focus Solutions Engineer on Wed, Aug 17, 2016

VCE is the converged infrastructure business unit of EMC. There are three products in the lineup, Vblock, VxRack, and VxRail and all are developed to provide the highest level of availability and support. With a VCE solution there is one point of contact for all support issues for hardware and software. Today we will be introducing EMC’s simple to manage, hyper-converged offering, VxRail.

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Topics: Converged, VMware, VSAN, vSphere, Vxrail, EMC, Vblock, VxRack

Is Hyper-converged Right for Me?

Posted by Focus Solutions Engineer on Mon, Apr 11, 2016


There has recently been a lot of development in the hyper-converged space. Traditionally the two big players in the space have been Nutanix and Simplivity. In the past year, we have seen entries from EMC, VMware, Cisco, and others. The idea behind hyper-converged is to provide the customer with a simple way to design and expand systems. Each vendor is trying to commoditize the infrastructure, thus making it easier for a customer to design and expand.

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Topics: VCE, VMware, Vxrail, Dell, EMC, Evorail, Hyper-converged, Hyperflex, Nutanix