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Are Your Employees Surfing the Internet Safely?

Posted by Nick Deluca on Wed, Apr 11, 2012

Higher costs, lower productivity, and legal issues are just some of the risks a company can be exposed to by simply surfing the web. Malware, formally known as malicious software, is the most omnipresent agent of chaos when it comes to web-based offensive content. Whether your company is a small, medium, or large sized business, it can be particularly helpful to install software that combats malicious content automatically.

SecureSafe by NSK Inc

Software such as NSK Inc’s SecureSurf routinely blocks unwanted content and corruption. Though it automatically tends to your internet’s fortification by immediately determining whether or not a site violates a company’s policy, SecureSurf allows your IT Administrator to set their own policies both at the group and user levels.

Just as importantly, the administrator can noninvasively set limitations for employees surfing habits. By doing this, administrators can accurately determine if a site should be whitelisted or blacklisted, depending on their preference for the company’s benefit.

When it comes to malware, one can never be too cautious or too protected. That’s why, when you’re looking for anti-malware software, it is important to cover all your bases which may be exposed. Look for software that can further install programs on individual computers or mobile devices to ensure that each platform is configured with the most accurate website traffic evaluation. A program like this can provide platform-to-platform reporting of ill-advised web browsing but it can also confirm activity-safe browsing such as by utilizing search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If by some unfortunate chance malware were to penetrate or bypass your web protection, it never hurts to have reinforcements. For example while SecureSurf automatically blocks content from infecting your operating system, there is the occasional oversight. SecureSurf also employs effective anti-spam and anti-virus protection in the unfortunate situation that spam or a virus were to penetrate.

What’s most important to take away is that you can never be too careful. Make sure that you are protected on all levels. Try not to be naïve and think that a single malware blocker is all you need. The harsh reality is that there are some people out there who build malware to get around these types of defenses. A strong anti virus and anti spam service is pertinent for those just-in-case situations.


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