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Protect Your Email from Unwanted Spam and Viruses

Posted by Nick Deluca on Fri, Apr 20, 2012

Tired of having to move suspicious looking emails and correspondence from your inbox to your junk mail folder on a daily basis? Imagine being able to open your account and not have to wade through the seemingly endless amounts of spam and malware. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Don’t fret because NSK Inc. wields a service so profound that it may actually make your life…well your email life at least, much easier. SecureTide, is a fully-managed email protection service that removes 99% of unwanted email before it ever reaches a user’s specified network.

SecureTide by NSK

How it Works

The SecureTide filtration system acts as a well-oiled machine. It is updated approximately 2 to 4 thousand times per day. While this may seem like an unnecessary, even over the top, number of updates, any user is susceptible to malware and spammer ploys at any time during the day. SecureTide also operates on a multifaceted platform infrastructure utilizing proprietary detection systems, 4 virus-scanning engines, and over 60 innovative filtration techniques. These platforms all work intricately together in order to rid the user of inbound and outbound spam, worms, and viruses,.

Held Mail Reports

Sometimes emails slip through the cracks; for example a valid email may get caught up in SecureTide’s filtering system. To successfully combat the occasional oversight, the cutting edge email protection service offers Held Mail Reports. These detailed and extremely useful reports allows the  administrator—to see every email stopped and labeled as spam or malware and has the ability to see the secured emails via web access to be able to reroute them back to you

Disaster Recovery

Unfortunately for some, the irregular untimely disaster may occur. Whether it is a poor internet connection, complete power failure, internal routing problems, or a Perfect Storm-like catastrophe, SecureTide has created a simple yet effective solution. In the case of any deterrence, the delivery manager will hastily encrypt and hold all emails until the user’s server is up and running.


Bottom Line

The bottom line is that one can never be too safe. It doesn’t matter if your company is a two-person startup or a Fortune 500 corporation; NSK’s SecureTide is dexterous and compatible with any size business. All it takes is for one person to accidently click on that flashy popup or that spam email for their operating system, or a company’s entire network, to come to a devastating crash. This particular system is effective in its on-the-surface simplicity: it doesn’t take up space on your hard drive, it updates constantly, and it has a failsafe backup recovery plan.

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