Data Protection

PAVIS Cloud Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data is only part of protecting your organization’s data. Once your data is backed-up, you also need to have systems in place for retrieving the data. Will your data reside off-site in the Cloud, or on-site in a Private Cloud?

NSK provides scalable solutions for your data protection that seamlessly integrate into your current infrastructure, while providing rapid recovery time should a data loss occur.

Pavis On-Site

Pavis© On-Site is an all in one Backup Disaster Recovery solution. A simple Pavis Unit is added to your current IT infrastructure to continually back-up your data.

Pavis Cloud

Harness the power of the Cloud without sacrificing complete control of your data. Pavis Cloud combines the simplicity of NSK’s backup recovery system, Pavis© On-site with the efficiency and scalability of the Cloud.

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