PAVIS The Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Solutions

Pavis Cloud Solutions from NSK Inc, offer Hybrid Cloud Technology that provides the flexibility and efficiency of a public cloud, with the security of a private cloud environment.

An NSK technician can install Pavis Cloud on your existing hardware, or can provide a Pavis Box. The system then delegates whether to store files locally or to send off-site into the cloud.

All Pavis Cloud Solutions are scalable to suit your organization’s needs.

The Pavis Cloud Solutions provide data solutions without any limitations that also better utilize your organization’s already existing hardware.

Backup Disaster Recovery

Pavis Backup is an advanced Backup Data Recovery (BDR) system. Pavis Backup takes continuous snapshots of your data in timed intervals as frequent as 15 minutes, so your data is being backed up as it changes, 24 hours a day. Pavis Backup is a more efficient and cost effective solution than traditional tape back-up systems.

  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing network.
  • Archives continuous snapshots of your data.
  • Automated and monitored by NSK Inc.
  • Restores information within minutes in the event of a disaster.
  • Able to operate as a virtual server in case of hardware failure.
  • All data is encrypted and moved to and from the cloud via an SSL connection, keeping your information safe and secure.