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Inside NSK: IT Consultant Mauricio Cornejo

Posted by Elise Drake on Fri, Jul 15, 2011

Mauricio Cornejo has been employed at NSK inc. since February of 2010.  You may have talked to him a few times as he primarily works at our Help Desk.  Recently, he upgraded a client’s ACT! database (a contact manager) from ACT! 4 to ACT! 2011.  Basically, this is a switch from software released in 1994 to the most recent 2011 version.  It was a bit trickier than normal due to the huge difference in upgrade versions. “Since the information has to be converted, it can actually break the system” explains Mauricio.  And if it were to break? Mauricio says that “it would take lots of time and communication between us and the client in order to fix the issue.”  Thankfully he was able to convert all the information breakage free!

More on Mauricio

Mauricio lives in Chelsea, MA with his wife and three boys ages 10, 7, and 4 years old.  Outside of work he loves to play video games and even writes a blog about them. Check it out for yourself!  He says his more favorable videogames are “open world action games” since you are allowed to have more control over what you do.  An example is L.A. Noire, which is one of his favorites at the moment.

L.A. Noire GameSeeing as Mauricio is a parent of young children, I asked him for his opinion on violent video games being sold to minors.  Recently California has been creating quite a stir with its battle against this. Mauricio believes that games like these “affect the parents more” since it is all related to how they view the games themselves.  Also, that it is up to the parents to see what the kids play and buy.  As an owner of multiple gaming consoles, Mauricio says that he keeps his violent games away from his children who are more interested in racing games.

Playstation NetworkSince he is an owner of a Playstation, I also wanted to know his opinion on the closing of Sony’s Playstation Network.  He said that he believes that the users will return, just as the system did, however he advises Sony to emphasize more on security now.  “They didn’t keep their anti-virus software up to date” which is one of the main reasons why they were hacked in April, 2011.  “This is what we do [at NSK inc.,]” he says in reference to the updates. In fact, he says that his team has been working hard for the past few weeks trying to update every client and the NSK systems. 

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