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What's New With Data Domain?

Posted by Focus Solutions Engineer on Tue, May 10, 2016

datadomain blog 2EMC World 2016 has come and gone and with it came new and exciting announcements surrounding the world’s most trusted protection storage.  Now starting with Data Domain OS version 6 customers will be able to utilize natively what’s being called Data Domain Cloud Tier as well as formally introducing the latest member of the Data Domain family, DD VE aka Data Domain Virtual Edition.  The message here is pretty straightforward; it’s Simple, Efficient, and Open!

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What to Expect at EMC World 2016

Posted by Focus Solutions Engineer on Wed, Mar 16, 2016

EMC World 2016 is coming up in early May and it should be very interesting this year. Every year the conference is full of announcements dealing with new technologies along with insights as to the direction that EMC and the industry is moving towards. But this year will be even more so with the EMC/Dell merger news.

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