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Joe was quick and efficient and helped me with my lost file issue in a timely manner. He saved my day! :) Thanks.  Lisa Johnson


You guys are great! Diana Nicklaus


 Nick was Great.  Thank  you!  Anne Heng


Jason Olmstead provided the best service.  Keep up the great work, you are appreciated.  David Person  


John Cullen provides excellent customer care and is effective, knowledgeable and expertly resolved my pc issues. Deborah Johnson


John went above and beyond, following up and answering all of my additional questions to make sure I was all set andunderstood how to get the best performance possible with my current hardware and software.  Keep up the good work.  John is great! - Patrick Kenslea


Shawn resolved my problem efficiently~Anne Desantis


I'm impressed with NSK Engineers. Johnathan was patient, and in my opinion he went above and beyond in making sure everything worked well.
Kendell Cichon


Since I 'usually' take these surveys when I'm annoyed, I figured I should give kudos to Jason for a quick response to an overly enthusiastic email spam filter issue as well.  Great Job, quick response and it worked.
Paul Kateri


Jonathan Goldstein did an awesome job of helping fix my Outlook problems.  He knew exactly what the issues were and how to solve them.  He established rapport quickly and made me feel confident that he could help me.  I wouldn't change anything. This was a fantastic experience.
Deborah Johnson


As you are probably aware this assessment is for our largest client and requires perfection in our response.  I greatly appreciate the skill level you brought to this project and more importantly you showed me you cared about our needs.  Even when the initial test failed due to Axients non responsiveness you followed all the next day showing me that you were on top of making sure a solution was being put in place and you were expressing the absolute need of getting things right the second time around.  I really felt as though you cared which alleviated any concern I had with the initial failure.  As you pointed out a couple times, the NSK modo is “We make it work” and you certainly did!  It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your attentiveness to this project, especially finalizing my report on your birthday. :)
Christopher Gagney

I feel that Nick did an excellent job. He made sure everything worked well, he explained things well, and as far as I'm concerned he went above and beyond in setting things up so that it would make everything convenient for me. I get the impression he only does quality work. An added bonus is he was always polite and friendly.
Cichon Kendell

Jonathan is the kind of calm, focused, thinking tech support professional a user wants to encounter early on a Monday morning after a long holiday weekend.  He's an asset to your company!
Mark Rosen

Thank you for the prompt response to my issue.  I was unable to access company e-mail; Shawn responded quickly with a clear acknowledgement of the problem and an estimated time for "repair."  Once service was restored (well within the time period Shawn had indicated), Shawn followed up with an e-mail notice and a phone call.  Great service!

Robert Bell

Thanks for the speedy support.  Was great to get right to someone who could help, not spend forever on an automated recording.
Courtney Kelly

From start to completion Anthony was totally professional, friendly and exactly what I would have wanted.   Anthony represented NSK at the highest possible standards in resolving what turned out to be a fairly simple task for him but alas not for me. 

John Goldthwait

Prompt, efficient service.  Thanks to Jason.
Robert Bell

I sent an email to support and within 10 minutes Daniel was in touch with me and this was not the hottest of issues, 10 minutes later i was hanging up the phone, problem resolved....
Shawn Allen

I needed to get a printer added to my computer and Jonathan is probably one of the best support technician's you have on staff. He did a very quick and efficient resolution!
Colleen Ryan

The Help Desk did a great job going out and finding a solution to the problem and then following up with me to implement. Quirky problem, was good work sorting it out.
Alan Canzano

Thanks for the quick and competent crisis response!
Sarah Jimenez

Dan was fantastic, as always!
Always a pleasure to work with you!

Sherry Morrison

Question: Is there anything the support representative could have done better?
Response: No - Mauricio was lovely! (helpful, patient, & affable)

Alison Harding

My question about connecting to the office server using a Mac was answered immediately and the solution was quick and simple.
Kyle Jansen

I am always confident that my issue will be solved the first time, when Mauricio answers the phone!
Phyllis Hart

NSK technician Warren was extremely helpful not only in fixing the problem but helping with of computer issues. Continue doing what you do!!!
Fay Andreadis

Just wanted to let you know…I’ve now had the pleasure of working with:
Randy Benoit
Ryan Hickey
Tim Dooher
Peter Stanford – onsite today and first time we’ve met – another talented NSKer!
Matt Dionne
Mauricio Cornejo
Bridget Benner
My interactions with every single one have been highly professional and enjoyable. You’ve put together a great team.
Laura Bennett

Peter Stanford is both professional and knowledgeable. We appreciate his thoroughness and ability to resolve issues quickly. Thank you.
Patty Grant

your tech support team is GREAT
Phyllis Hart

Mike took ownership of this issue and was able to push back with software provider when their initial solution was "copy all data off the device and rebuild the array," saving lots of time for everyone.
Nick Vitucci

Dan was prompt in getting back to me. Explained to me what he was doing, solved my issue and was very friendly along the way.
Kristina Araque