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IT's All About Timing

Posted by Chris Caprio on Mon, Sep 11, 2017

You know when the best time to buy something is? 

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Topics: Converged Infrastructure, #GetModern, Hybrid Cloud

A Mix of Sun and Clouds

Posted by Doug Alexander on Thu, Sep 07, 2017

Recently, I met with an IT Director for a medium sized business. He began to tell me that things are not going so great.  The prior week, he was called into a meeting with the CFO and CIO. They said “Our data center strategy is calling for a forecast of cloudy skies.”  They were teasing him and having fun with it, but went on to explain how they want him to transform their entire business to the Cloud and he had 3 months to get it done.  He was visibly irritated and said “just between us” that he doesn’t know what that means exactly.

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Topics: #GetModern, Hybrid Cloud

VMworld Announcement: Cross Cloud vMotion

Posted by Focus Solutions Engineer on Thu, Sep 03, 2015

vmotion blog post At VMworld, VMware announced tech preview of project skyscraper. Project skyscraper promises that we will be able to take workloads that are in our private cloud, and move them to the public cloud (vCloud Air), much like a vMotion Works today in the datacenter. The goal is to provide a seamless migration between private and public cloud with no downtime!

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