Virtual CIO


Being the best IT Company is no longer a competitive differentiator — when all companies trumpet their ability to deliver excellent technical support — something different is needed to separate us from the pack.

Being seen as a “trusted business adviser” is one such way in which Focus Technology Solutions Inc raises our profile above our competitors.

As a trusted business adviser, a virtual CIO, we give our clients the ability to not just fix their computers, but also give them advice and guidance on how to plan and grow their business.

We want to go beyond the regular day to day IT duties.. Beyond what’s expected from an Managed Services Provider so that we can be a true partner to our clients instead of just another IT service provider.

That said we know how to move from the server room to the boardroom. Instead of disturbing you with a bunch of technical jargon you don’t understand and don’t need to hear -- even if you do understand it, we’ll get right down to the business value.

We provide the big picture thinking and expert advice you’d get from a CIO.

Focus Technology Solutions Inc knows how to explain what technology does in the language that a C-level executive with little to no experience in IT can understand. We want to help you see IT as an asset, not a liability.

What is a Business Review

A Business Review (or any other regularly scheduled meeting of this nature) is a meeting between our clients and us to discuss their business and how we can support them in their growth.
The meeting is not about service desk tickets, outstanding support issues or technical chat – it’s about focusing on our client’s business, understanding what is on the horizon for them, where they want their business to go, and ultimately, how we can help them achieve those goals.

For Focus Technology Solutions Inc, such meetings help us understand our clients motivations – how they see their business progressing, for better (or for worse), and giving clients help to plan for the future.
Simply put, by demonstrating an interest in our clients plans – as one business to another – we learn what makes our client tick, and are able to offer advice (and often pick up business tips ourselves) and begin to be seen by our clients as someone more than just the guys who fix the computers.

We help our clients’ manage based on metrics

One method of preparing for the Quartly Business Rreview means gathering data about our clients current status. We have lots of this information which has been gathered through our PSA and helpdesk in Boston – We pull this data together and analyze patterns and areas for growth.

For instance, we may spot a pattern in the number of support tickets logged by our client for help with an office or line of business application. We then help our client understand that they need staff training to improve productivity when using these products.

When we start gathering data about our client’s business, we are given a unique opportunity to help our clients understand what is actually happening within their business – and manage it accordingly.


Scheduling quarterly business review meetings is a valuable way of becoming a valuable virtual CIO to our clients. Helping them make fact-based decisions on their business based on the data we gather and analyze is seen as a strong value add to our outstanding technical service.