On-site support and management from our experts.

Focus Technology Solutions  provides scheduled on-site preventative IT maintenance services and IT monitoring programs designed specifically for small business clients. These programs have been developed to manage business-critical small networks on a cost-effective basis.

An experienced technology associate is assigned to your account and is available for scheduled on-site IT support. We provide this type of hands-on support via a mutually agreed upon schedule with your organization. Every organization’s issues and challenges are unique, so we work with each of our clients to provide the exact level of IT support they need.

On-Site Technician

  • On Demand – only when you need us.
  • 1 Half-Day, once a month
  • 1 Half-Day, bi-weekly
  • 1 Full-Day, weekly

IT Manager

  • Responsible for moving and relocations.
  • Available from 8:30am-6:30pm
  • High level technology strategies.
  • Account relations – CTO Consultation available

On-Call Support

  • Hours of Operation: Weekdays 6:30am-11:00pm. Weekends 7:00am-11:00pm.
  • Clients can call the Help Desk line who the forwards to an on-call associate.
  • On-call associates respond within 30 minutes.
  • IT associate can either manage the problem remotely or on-site if necessary.

Quarterly Business Review

A meeting between you and us to discuss your business and how we can support your growth.  Focusing on your business, understanding what is on the horizon for you, where you want your business to go and ultimately how we can help you achieve these goals with Technology.  Going over data from our monitoring systems and analyzing patterns and areas for growth.

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